A beautiful landscape surrounds the Eiker countryside. The lower part of the Drammen river is rich in forests, farms and vantage points. The inhabitants live in the villages Skotselv, Vestfossen, Darbu and the small town of Hokksund. Øvre Eiker has today more than 15,000 inhabitants. The old part of Hokksund and the Eiker countryside are things you must visit. Eiker is also famous for the Nøstetangen glassworks and Hassel ironworks, silver mines and burial mounds. Fossesholm Manor in Vestfossen is the main attraction. You are also welcome to try the vast opportunities for sports, hiking, water sports, biking and fishing in tarns and rivers. 17th century Eiker was an important centre with rich mineral resources nearby, including the largest Nordic Viking gold find. In 1624 the first Norwegian public road was built from Kongsberg to Vestfossen upon a royal decree.





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